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            I’m sure most, if not all of you have received a letter regarding the Gold Spotted Oak Borer beetle and many of you have attended a meeting regarding it. Therefore, I won’t repeat most of that information, but will let you know what we can do together.

            This insect is an immediate and devastating danger to property values and the ecology of our entire mountain range and, at thispoint, there is no ‘magic bullet’ to kill it. So we need to do all that we can do to:

  1. Prevent more of the beetles from being brought intoour communities.

  2. Slow down the current infestation and destruction toallow more time to find a way to eradicate it completely.

IGC’s Board is making this a priority and are working in conjunction with the other agencies on the hill to accomplish this. Following are steps each and every one of you should do to help.

  • We MUST stop the transportation of non-local oak firewood!  That means you should not buy,or accept any oak unless you, personally, are 100% sure it is nothing but local. If you suspect a vendor is selling oak that is not local, report it (w/ their license plate number, if possible) to 659-6208, or 659-3850.

  • If you have oak firewood, you are at risk. Any firewood that has not lain dormant for ‘at least’ 2 full years can still harbor GSOB larvae. Do not move it off site. It needs to be disposed of properly to prevent more beetles from infesting more trees. Please call 659-6208 for advice. Do not assume it is not infested. It may well harbor larvae and not show the tell-tale tiny D-shaped exit hole.

  • Identify any oaks on your property that may be exposed, or even infested. The GSOB prefers oaks that are 18” or more in diameter and attacks Coast Live, Ca. Black, and Canyon Live oaks. The larger the tree, the more they like it. For signs to look for, go to  , or call the number above. If you see any oak tree that looks distressed (leaves died in the fall, but did not drop) (the canopy of branches, or leaves is sparse, there are many dead, or dying branches etc.) please report that location also.

Join us in our campaign to get the word out to others off the hill to NOT bring oak firewood up here. You can do this by using your personal e-mail list to get the word out. Many of us have friends and associates in San Diego County and they need to know NOW. Since over 80,000 oaks in S.D. County have died from this infestation, there is a lot of dead oak there and people are buying it cheap and selling or using it for firewood. Most have no idea of the damage this can cause.